Summer Fears of Explosion of Dog Fleas in Homes Come to Life

The British Pest Control Association predicted a Summer 2014 explosion of flea activity in homes, after the mild Winter and Spring and stress that it is vital to treat homes and furnishings as well as pets, to avoid an infestation.

Summer and Autumn 2014 have indeed brought a flea explosion and caused many pet owners tremendous problems, unless a regular effective flea control programme has been carried out. Pet owners must appreciate that just killing the fleas on pets is not enough; 95% of the flea life cycle takes place in pet’s bedding and home surroundings such as carpets, soft furnishings, etc.

dog scratching

However for the pet owners who didn’t hear the warnings, the issue still seems to be a very real problem.

Even now in the Winter months British veterinary company, Johnson’s Veterinary Products’ customer service department is still receiving an unusually high number of calls from desperate pet owners for advice on how to deal with flea infestations on their pets and in the home, especially now central heating is switched on to cope with the drop in temperature outside.

The veterinary company suggest a combination of products from their award winning Johnson’s 4flea range of Veterinary Strength Flea Control which includes Household Sprays and Room Foggers containing an I.G.R. (Insect Growth Regulator) to kill fleas and prevent hatching eggs developing into adults to avoid re-infestation of pets. These products will deals with household flea problems the pet experts also say pets should also be treated with 4fleas effective quick acting tablets and 4fleas Protectors.


Johnson’s Veterinary Strength 4fleas range, is available exclusively to Pet Stores, Pet Superstores, Garden Centres, etc. Find out more online here:

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